About Personal injury Law


Thanks to the new technology we have smart phones available on every corner. Every smartphone has the access to Internet. For example: Many people today buy those beautiful android phones and use them. Every android device has access to  Google Play Store and you can download every day whatever you want to. No one looks what those applications can do with your private information.  The Google can locate you wherever you are, and those people can know where are you, and what are you doing. Do you think that this is dangerous? No one is taking care for his information on mobile phones, and I don’t want to talk about the social network behaviour.

fb-twitter-combo2Everyone has their Facebook account and share their life every day with friends and other users. We don’t know that our information can be in danger. Someone can use them for an illegal business, and we cannot know it until it’s late. Also someone can make a fake account, filled with our information and pictures, presenting themselves as us. Every day we post different comments on Facebook and Twitter and some people can know much about us, even if we don’t want to. And the religion isn’t a private thing anymore. Political commitments can cause big problem, and those information are not for publicity. We can only wait when someone will take them against us. Those are things that no one takes care about.

big-data_394_x_303_homepageThanks to every country in the whole world, there are agencies that protect our information. For any information about any person on the basis of which can be determined on which person comes from, the Law on Personal Data Protection stated the conditions under which only the identity of the person can be announced to the public.The identity of the person can be known if you know its name, its last name, where its lives but also based on a number of other details, so of any such details you must be very careful. Many people want to know from where are you and want to take your money. You must be totally aware what information you give in publicity. Feel free to contact for more advice on suing a bank.

Many sites say that we need to fill out some kind of polls in order to watch a movie or to play a game, and the guarantee as that we will stay anonymous. You can never stay anonymous on Internet. All that you are doing is written somewhere and someone knows exactly what are you interested for. This is not good for us. People who make those sites want to know who is interested for their publications. All our real information that we give to any sites on internet were stored somewhere and they have our complete personal profile. From pictures to bank accounts. So be very careful what information you give on internet, all of them can be used against you. And the internet is not the safest place in the world. Sometimes we forget that the outer world exists.